Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Provence - Sunday 3rd July

Another day, another lunch out, it’s such a hard life!  Today it was Malaucene and Les Lavandes for Sunday lunch.  Actually, it went on for so long, it was Sunday dinner too!  We got there at 1pm and left at 4:30, but we were quite stuffed by then.
In order to combat the delicate feeling after yesterday’s wine tasting, I borrowed LT’s dad’s sunglasses:

 Before we hit the bottle for the day, we started with some amuse bouches, which consisted of some fresh, homemade tapenade (olive and garlic paste – LT) along with some herby bread.  It settled the stomach quite nicely:

And then, of course, it was onto the aperitif, the house special of a kir (white wine and blackcurrant – LT)

Alas, no more tapenade:

But that was okay, because along came some aubergine caviar and tomato sauce as another amuse bouches:

It turned out to be a good thing we had all these things to keep us going because it was aaaages before the starter arrived.  It was nice though, white truffle ravioli in a herby sauce – we’ve decided truffle ravioli must be the in thing right now!

Time to hit the bottle again, but it was only a 2/3 sized bottle, wasn’t that good holding back like that?

Next up was the mini courgettes and stuffed courgette flowers filled with chicken mousse in a mushroom and white truffle sauce:

LT’s mum was STARVING when the next course came at 3pm, because she hadn’t had a course in between her starter and main course!  For the main, we had rack of lamb with local vegetables:

So we had a few bones to chew on at the end:

Next up was the cheese course, with a small salad:

And some bread that was bigger than me!

And finally my favourite course, dessert, which was chartreuse and lavender ice cream with meringue and whipped cream, topped with nuts and a nutty biscuit thing:

All rounded off with a coffee and biscuit:

We wandered round the village to walk it off a little (WE did? – LT) Err, well, LT wandered, I dozed:

And then we went home and put our feet up for the evening to sleep the huge lunch off


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

Um, those sunglasses? A bit LARGE for you? Tell LT she needs to buy you a proper fit. I am sure they can be found in France.


ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Jack,

I am ever so glad that you were able to take it easy. I know you have a difficult life - traveling, eating, drinking. Thankfully, LT knows how to treat a bear and you've lucked out! The scenery there is beautiful. Maybe one day, Sebastian will take us there and we can enjoy a meal that takes 1/2 a day and finish with dessert.


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

I have been thinking about you with those sunglasses. Maybe LT's dad is using you for a sunglasess holder. It so - CHARGE, make some spending $$$ for yourself. (o:


Alan said...

Hey you lot, he needed those sunglasses. All that wine tasting went to his head. Anyway no-one charged him for all those nice meals.



The Bear's Blog said...

"Hey you lot"? Excuse us....Jack does need sunglasses - HIS OWN PAIR. It sure looks like he was being used for a glasses holder.

Charge Jack for meals? Excuse us? Do you believe that all those nice restaurants would have prepared those wonderful meals for you if Jack wasn't there? We think not!

We think that his headache wasn't from too much wine tasting but from the sheer weight of those sunglasses.

If only Prudence was here.......

Ann said...

And by the way, the restaurant is in Monieux, not in Malaucene, though I know that all that wine probably had a bit of a disorientating effect. I just thought I ought to keep you straight in case you should ever want to go back there.

LT's Mum