Monday, 11 July 2011

Provence - Sunday 26th June

We had a lazy morning at the gite, enjoying the sunshine before we headed into the village for Sunday lunch.  Here I am enjoying a pastis (the local aniseed aperitif – LT) and guarding the wine that was going to go with lunch.

That pastis has quite a kick!

LT and I started with a crab and langoustine soup, then we shared the sweet and sour grilled prawns (he made me take the heads and tails off – LT), which were very messy, and we had to ask for a wipe to clean our paws afterwards!

We think the waiter was trying to tell us something, because when he cleared the plates for the main course away, he left us two prawn tails and the wipe that had fallen off the plate, along with a bit of celery.  We wondered if we were going to be in the running for a messiest place setting competition at the end of lunchtime.

Still, we didn’t let it hold us back from the cheese course.  Cue cheesy photo (groan! – LT)

Lastly there was my very favourite course, dessert!  We had three locally made fresh sorbets, apricot, blackcurrant and lime flavoured, along with a crunchy biscuity thing.

After that we put our feet up all afternoon, as you always should following a good Sunday lunch.

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

Well, it looks like you had a wonderful Sunday lunch. That bottle of wine sure looks inviting. (o:

I am surprised that LT didn't take the heads/tails off the prawns BEFORE you had to ask her.

Can't wait to see more pictures of your adventure.