Sunday, 22 January 2012

Merry Christmas?

The staff have once more been neglectful, and haven't updated this blog for aaaaages!  I'm considering interviewing for new secretaries, anyone interested? 

So, I thought I would share my Christmas with you.  I will have another couple of posts on our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park separately, 'cos there are rather a lot of photos from that day.

First of all, on Christmas Eve, I had to do the inspection of the annual mince pies as LT brought them out of the oven.  They certainly smelled very nice at this point, but LT wouldn't let me have one as she said it would burn my mouth!  (might have kept him quieter - LT)

Then there was, of course, the leftover pastry and leftover mincemeat turnover, that is entirely LT's to keep, except it disintegrated a bit coming off the tray... it still tasted good (he snuck a bit when my back was turned - LT)

Here I am on Christmas morning getting a good view of proceedings from the top of the tree.  It took LT a while to find me :oD

And here's the whole tree (well would you have spotted him?! - LT)

Here I am guarding the stockings until LT's gran got downstairs:

Later on, before dinner, it was time for some celebratory champagne, 'tis the season and all that!  I got a little truffle to munch on with it too, inside the sequinned Christmas pudding.

After one has stuffed oneself on scallop and bacon salad, followed by venison, surprise tarte tatin and brassicas with parma ham and parmesan, then Christmas pudding, what else would you have to round it off but Christmas cake...

On Boxing day we all headed over to the Lowry at Salford Quays in Manchester to see Scrooge The Musical with Tommy Steel.  Here's the building all lit up at night (well, 4pm or so!)

After having some dinner at Cafe Rouge before the performance, we went and investigated the bridge heading towards Old Trafford:

And finally, waiting for the performance to start - I think the stand in photographer may have had too much to drink with dinner...

I'll be back next week with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park...