Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentines And Other Things

The staff have been slacking again, but I finally encouraged her to write up this post (Encouraged? I don't think sitting on the keyboard counts as encouragement Jack! - LT)  It worked though, didn't it?

Anyway, We've had some fun mail in the last couple of weeks, and after consultation with The Clan, it was decided I would show you what came in (I don't think it was consultation so much as you told them you would... - LT)  Details...

So here was our first delivery, all the way from mum and Sebastian, can you spot the family resemblance?  Of course Sebastian needs glasses 'cos he's older:

Then we got a Valentine from Prudence.  We love you too Prudence, and Lulu and Flora.

And finally I got LT to process the two photos of me she took in Liverpool Cathedral last weekend.  I told her I wasn't risking piles sitting on that cold stone for nothing you know!

This is the first one from just behind the alter looking all the way down the aisle to the main doors.

And this is in the lady chapel.  Isn't it pretty?  I seem to have lost my feet a bit, but LT says it was such a wide angle, I was lucky I got in at all.

Until the next time I manage to 'encourage' her into action...