Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Provence - Friday 8th July

Another day, another market missed, although LT says she practically ran round the one in Carpentras this morning before going to the Auchan hypermarket in Avignon.  They got loads of goodies to bring back home.
This afternoon though, there was an absolute travesty!  I was LEFT BEHIND!  I was supposed to have gone up Mont Ventoux with LT and her dad, but she’d popped me in her bag for the evening out already, and forgot to take me with her.  I might forgive her.  Eventually...  Anyway, here’s a few photos she took without me:

(This is the memorial for Tom Simpson, who died in 1967 at this point in the Tour De France.  Tradition has it that cyclists who pass and stop here should leave something behind – LT)

 (This is how close he was to the top of the mountain – LT)

(This cyclist, now on his way down, checks out how close he got – LT)

Eventually they came home, and took me and LT’s mum out for a final dinner to compensate.  Here I am with my final aperitif of Beaumes De Venise:

Followed by a kir royale:

LT forgot to take the photo at the beginning of the starter AGAIN!  You just can’t get the staff these days.  Anyway, this was us about half way through our salad with goat’s cheese on grilled tomatoes:

She actually remembered before the main course of scallops, which I washed down with a nice little white, while she had more diet coke – blech!  You’ll notice everything sliding down the plate, our table was on a bit of a slant!  We think that’s why the plates are turned up at one end, to catch the food before it slides off altogether...

And at last, pudding of a chocolate fondant with fresh raspberry coulis and Chantilly cream:

All washed down with a little coffee:

And a lovely digestif of the house, an apple and almond liqueur, which was made by our waiter’s grandfather, and which slipped down rather nicely:

I took rather a strong whiff, it would certainly knock you out if you weren’t careful!

It slipped down a little too nicely, I wanted everybody’s!

We wandered back past the evening craft market in the village square:

And also the weekly boules league matches:


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh great....not again? Left behind? What was LT thinking? Or...was it on purpose? Hm...

Careful of that liqueur, Jack. It'll knock you for a loop - oops - TOO LATE, you're down. (o:

Sweet dreams....


Katy Cameron said...

It was a complete accident leaving him. I knew I wasn't taking my big camera bag into town that evening, so I'd packed him in the one I would take, so I didn't forget him. So I remembered him once...


Alan said...

Well Jack, I think that actually it wasn't a bad thing that you didn't go up Ventoux. You know how LT has this habit of sitting you on walls? Well, that might have led to very ouchy things for you. Ventoux is very high and really quite windy (in fact that's what Ventoux means) and if you'd blown off the wall it's 5000 feet down and maybe we'd never have found you.