Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic Fever

We went to London again (nearly, it was Eton Dorney - LT)  Excuse me, was the event not called the London Olympics?!  (well, yes, but... - LT)  Exactly!  So we went to the rowing on Friday to watch a spectacular day of finals along with LT's dad and Jock.

The night before, Jock and I had some whiskey to help us sleep through the excitement:

Here I am lounging around in the stands waiting for the action to happen:

It was a very noisy place for a wee bear with HUGE amounts of shouting, especially when these two came past, something to do with a gold medal...

Oh yes, look, here's the medal ceremony thingummy jig.  We had to sing and everything!  Shame the speakers weren't in sync though, some of the medal ceremonies sounded really bad when the crowd didn't sing over the top - imagine at the men's quad ceremony the German national anthem played as a kind of round, with a bar's delay between starts...

We had a fun day, but LT's written a small novel on her blog for Monday, so I'll just share some pics of us at the end and on the way out:

With LT's dad in the stands

With LT in front of the big sign.  At the bottom of this side it tells you about the Australian in 1928 who stopped to let a family of ducks go across in front of him in the middle of one of his Olympic race heats and he STILL won - whew, wouldn't have been me swimming around in there!

With Wenlock one of the Olympic mascots.  The real Wenlock had been walking around earlier, but we couldn't find him to pose with us :o(

I hope you enjoyed our beary Olympic tour!