Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Provence - Saturday 9th July - The Final Day :o(

Time for the long trek home... (Trek?  I doubt you’ll be walking far... LT).  Well you know what I mean!  Anyway, we got the car all packed up – I don’t think there was an inch of space:

And we did a check over of the gite:

And LT chopped up a pepper for lunch – it was another one of those giant ones that could have eaten me alive!

The woman that manages it was over an hour late and then she had a huge argument about whether or not we’d cleaned it!  Huh, it wasn’t exactly spotless when we got it!
So I have my seat, where’s LT’s mum going to sit?

We drove all the way up to Lyon, stopping briefly for a picnic, and stopped to get a photo in front of the train station end of the airport before we checked in:

Then the farce began... There are 2 flights that go at the same time from the tiny terminal 3, the one to Edinburgh that were on, and one to Marakesh.  They didn’t open check in for any of them until less than an hour before the flight – can you imagine over 600 people crammed, with luggage trolleys, inside a teeny, tiny space with no air conditioning in over 30C heat?  It wasn’t pleasant, and I only had to peer out the top of LT’s rucksack!  Then they opened all the desks for check in for both flights, but still no-one moved.  THEN they decided the Marakesh flight was going to be delayed by half an hour, so they’d prioritise the Edinburgh check in, so we had to try and squeeze past everyone.  It was a complete mess and very hot for little bears in fur coats! (It wasn’t that great for humans in vests and shorts!  So much for checking in online too – LT)
Eventually we got on the plane, and then the man across the aisle from LT threw up as we came into land.  A LOT.  It was icky...
After that we were lucky that lots of things were running late, as we got straight from bus to train to a small wait for a train to home, but it was after 9pm UK time when we got home, which was after 10pm on our body clock time in France!
Okay, so I’m ready for the next trip, where are we going? (Ha, nowhere for a while, that was quite enough! – LT)


ginger@bearbits said...

My! My! The adventures of a little bear. What a life. Even with the airport hoopla, it seems like a grand time - lots of pretty sights - including the food. Thanks for taking me along - in a way!

~ginger (& Sebastian)

Ann said...

And here was I thinking you'd be gracing us with your presence in Blackpool this weekend. LT's uncle is having a biiiig birthday party and we're all invited and I just know there will be oodles of food and (whisper it) drink - of an alcoholic nature!

I'll tell her off if she doesn't bring you but take care in the meantime.

LT's Mum

Alan said...

Well that was an adventure wasn't it. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday - especially the wine. Have you dried out yet?