Sunday, 10 July 2011

Provence - Saturday 25th June

Well, talk about ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’, I think we travelled on everything going!  First we walked to the station, then we took a train into Glasgow city centre, then we walked up to the other main train station, then we took another train to Edinburgh, then we took a bus to the airport, then we flew to Lyon, all the way over in France, then we got ANOTHER train to Avignon, then LT’s mum and dad picked us up and we drove all the way to Bedoin.  Phew, I was absolutely exhausted!  (Err, hang on a minute, I carried you everywhere! – LT)
Anyway, here I am at Lyon airport, waiting for the train.  Hang on, waiting at the airport for a train?! (It’s all combined – LT).  I didn’t get out before this as it was very busy on the trains and plane, and I didn’t want to get lost.  As it was dinner time, we had some quiche, washed down with some coke, because LT doesn’t like wine, and she wouldn’t get me one so that I could go native (well I didn’t want you singing on the train – LT)  I happen to have a very nice singing voice thank you very much!  Anyway, I’m also reading our Kindle, a John J Lamb teddy bear mystery, of course:

Here I am on the TGV train watching the French countryside whizz by, and trying to ignore the two bullet holes in the outer glass above my head! (We didn’t like to ask – LT)

I started to get a bit travel sick after a while though, so I went to hang out in the back of the seat in front – isn’t first class luxury?

When we got to the gite we all went straight to bed as it was 10:30 and people and bears were tired.


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

Boy we all missed you. Glad you are home safe and sound. Travel sickness - maybe not reading while in motion would help.


Lynette Killam said...

I absolutely love the photo of you in the train window, should always pose where the sun can highlight your handsome golden fur...:)