Thursday, 29 March 2012

Connemara Day 1

I'm baaaaaack.  Did ya miss me?  Did ya?  Did ya?  Anyway, here's my first day on the trip to Connemara with LT last weekend.

First up, the ubiquitous 'in the airport' shot.  Do you think I packed enough?

After this we drove.  And drove.  And drove.  And drove (And there was an awful lot of 'Are we nearly there yet's - LT)

Anywho, this was the dining area where we hung out when we were at the cottage.  Didn't it start off looking nice?  Can't imagine why the owners thought we'd be fine dining with napkins though... (don't worry, we put all that stuff safely aside - LT)

Then Stephen got out a bouncy castle just for me!

There were some interesting nick nacks around - at least I knew where I'd be heading if it rained... (thankfully it was nice all weekend! - LT)

There were a few absent friends, but apparently one of them sent on his beer mug...

Anyway, enough of the tour, big decisions had to be made - what to have as a warm up before the pub!

Phew, made it to the pub, the weekend can really begin!

I think I could do with a straw here...

Ahhhh, first Guinness of the meet:


How about this one next round?

What do you mean 'No, it's bed time'?  (It was definitely time for some people to be getting their furry little behinds into bed after such a long day travelling.  It was time for Jack to go to bed too... ;o) - LT)