Friday, 28 June 2013

Les Lavandes

Bet you were getting all worried I wasn't getting fed, weren't you?  It was time for another gourmet lunch at Les Lavandes, or 'Lezzes' as the staff say it, 'cos of a silly man from Liverpool that called it 'Lez Leyvandees'

A nice cocktail du maison to start off with:

Accompanied by some tapenade, saucisson, tomatoes and wee bits of bread:

Some of us have staff wot treat them better than others, Jock got stuck with water - ha!

LT's mum and dad had wolfed all of these down before she remembered to take a photo, but there was little bits of melon with jambon cru in there, honest!  LT doesn't like melon, so she gave hers away.

Ahh, time for a nice glass of red:

To start, asparagus carbonara, it was very yummy, although the Provencale's bring the egg yolk in the shell for you to mix in yourself, very odd!

Then a main of courgette flowers stuffed with chicken mouse, served with a truffle and wild mushroom sauce.  It was actually another starter, but LT preferred this to the main course options, and it was big enough for us!

Ahh, a little ice bath for my paws on a hot day:

Umm, hello, what's this?!

Phew, dessert, strawberries and home made vanilla ice cream:

And finally with what was meant to be coffee, some wee biscuity things.  We just had these, who wants coffee on a hot day?!


Joyce Mayer said...

WHAT? You ate a mouser? A wee little wiggle nose mouser? Oh, it's just like boys to do something like that. Me 'n Mom make little mousers - oh, I am so stressed. Mom, don't read this.

No hugs for you Mr. Jack, and certainly none for Mr. Jock.

Miss Prudence Clearwater (and if you're waitin' for a little heart next to my name it's gonna be a
L O N G wait!)

Kays Kids said...

I am hoping all that red drink was raspberry and not that other stuff that leaves you feeling slightly wizzy.
What is it with those people who put the yolk of and egg in the shell. I think the kitchen staff are getting lazy.
See you for the next banquet.

Canadian Abroad said...

Yum! I love the mixing the raw yolk in bit. Have done since the first time I came across it. I think it allows the carbonara to cool a bit and not cook the egg like it would if they did it immediately in the kitchen.

Alan said...

Well if I didn't get a pair of teeth that day, I got champers last night and a WHOLE BOTTLE tonight. Bet you didn't ha.

PS what is Prudence on? We had sausage and olive stuff. Don't know where she got mouser from?


Demetria Mera said...

That teddy are so adorable... nice idea.. love it..

Nikola said...

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Please contact me for more details. Thx

Lynette Killam said...

I've been out of touch, Katy, but it's nice to be back. Have missed your sense of humour and Jack's adorable little face.

And now I'm hungry...:)