Sunday, 23 June 2013


You may be forgiven for thinking that I'm munching my way round Provence.  Well I am, but I'm throwing in a bit of artwork for culture as well with this post...

We went to Gigondas for the day on Tuesday, a wee village, perched on a hill, with some very random art installations in it.

Look, someone got a Meccano set for Christmas:

And just below it was a Jack sized door:

LT's dad insisted on putting me there, but I think it was rather rude...

Look, I found another me there on the stairs.  He didn't seem to want to come out and play though :o(

LT thinks it's funny putting me in front of these signs, and then disobeying them...

This is what I wasn't meant to be climbing on:

Someone obviously got Lego for Christmas too.  Can you still see me?

How about now?  Don't be silly, I'm not even in this one!

We earned lunch after that: big hike up to the top of the hill (*ahem* who was hiking and who was hitching? - LT)  Details...

The staff quite forgot themselves with the camera, so eager were they to dive into these amuses bouches.  I don't know...

And others were quite stingy with their champagne...

LT did remember to get a photo of the mushroom and truffle ice cream 'prelude'

Under the foam was a giant 'open' artichoke raviolli, it was rather yummy:

LT passed on the main course (yes, the above was a starter!) and went straight for the cheese, although we didn't have any of the stinky blue stuff:

The stinky blue stuff left its sweaty mark behind though!

And then it was time for dessert, strawberries with strawberry macarons, mint slivers and basil sorbet:

*belch* another yummy day in the sun!


Isisjem said...

Glad you're enjoying your travels all that food looked yummy. Although I saw some far more bizarre art when I was out yesterday.

Joyce Mayer said...

Looks like you are having a beary fun holiday, Jack.

Prudence ♥