Monday, 24 June 2013

Munch, Munch, Munch

It was LT's mum's birthday, so what else was there to do but go up the hill to have a grand dinner!  The weather was really overcast, as the mistral had blown in some clouds, so after the aperitifs we went inside to eat rather than enjoying the sunset that didn't happen (well it happened, we just didn't see it - LT)

To start, some champagne of course:

Jock had a glass too, and we polished off this goat's cheese and sun dried tomato mousse along with it:

Then we got some mini prawn samosas:

Which came with jousting sticks!  En guard:

Phew, warmer in here with our scallops:

How silly though, car makers making pepper grinders, it didn't even have a motor!

And really, why did we have a miniature garden of Eden on the table?

Time for a bit of red to pass the time between courses, Chateauneuf-Du-Papes anyone?

Perhaps some pig's cheeks with wild mushrooms and polenta?

Maybe I can interest you in what's left of the cheese after LT entirely forgot her manners and ate most of it before I got there!  And yes, that is a large clove of confited garlic at the front, we had no fear from vampires that night!

And to finish for me, some fresh strawberry mouse with fromage frais ice cream:

Looks what the birthday girl got though:

I got to help her blow the candle out:

Sheesh, you never know the minute when someone will creep up behind you and start eyeing up your coconut marshmallows and whisky truffles...

We get to do it again later this week...  I think without the candles though!


Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Boys,

Well, we were really enjoying reading your adventure until you mentioned "pig's cheeks". Our little Daisy Mae ran upstairs screaming and she is in her pretty little girlie bed with the covers over her head.

Mom is upstairs doing damage control.

See ya,

Isisjem said...

Pigs cheeks? Bluergggggh. Jock looked like he was getting into a full rousing chorus of happy birthday as you blew the candle out.

Kays Kids said...

You ate funny things, although I would join you with the strawberry mouse. Know wonder you could blow the candle out with all that garlic?????