Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Vaison La Romaine

We went to Vaison La Romaine the other day.  It's one of them hysterical sorts of a place, with a Roman bit, a medieval bit, and an everything else kind of a bit.  We headed over to the Medieval bit first, where they had all these really cool photos of the locals in various doorways and window arches scattered around:

After all that hiking about - we went all the way to the top of the hill, kind of like the Grand Old Duke Of York, but without the 10,000 men, we marched back down again to have a galette for lunch, which is a pancake stuffed with mushrooms and ham and cheese and egg to the rest of you:

We're still trying to work out what 'pippermint' is, but we think if must have seeds in it...

We did admire this sign from the Lions International (If you want my space, have my disability - LT)

But look what was parked in front of it!

Oh well, they served very nice ice creams:

Here's the Roman bit, but it's just a bunch of pillars, so we didn't go in:

I think this must be a Roman crossing:

We visited this shop after lunch though:

And look, I have wheels now, just like Sebastian:

Jock got some new wheels too:

And LT bought another weird car for her collection (she's cute! - LT)

Look, I can give people backsies too, so who wants to come for a spin?


Dianne Neale said...

I'm not quite sure what you're on, but please can I have some!

Joyce Mayer said...

Oh boys....helmets? You don't want to fall and have a big bump on your head, do you?

Prudence ♥

Kays Kids said...

What is that I see... Do they call that Donkeying like they do on push bikes. Or may be just a pillion passenger. I hope you don't wobble.
Hugs Wilbur.

Isisjem said...

Very cool wheels easy rider Jack. But what flavour was your ice cream and did you share any with LT?

Catrin Lewis said...

Cool wheels! No more hiking for you then. Are you going to give LT a backsie up those hills too or are you going to make her walk?