Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Road Trip - Sedona Part 1

So after days and days and days of trawling around landscapes with lots of red rocks we went to... a town built on red rocks o.O  Really people?!  (Everything for miles is red, suck it up! - LT)  Hmph.  Anyway, we ended up in Sedona which was a nice wee arty crafty town even if it is built on red rocks.

On the way there though we ended up going on a bit of what was Route 66, which is some kind of famous road people like to get excited about.  I didn't find this bit very exciting:

We found those guys hanging out here:

We had to go through Flagstaff, but we had a bit of a nightmare finding and getting into Barnes and Noble there so that Laura could get more books.  It turns out that a big RV crossing the road in front of you will make people stop.  Eventually...  After that we failed to find a quilt shop, so we went for dinner instead.  It turns out Laura had had a sneaky visit here in SLC without us, but this was our first visit of the trip:

And I think it should have been free, don't you agree?:

This is what we had, cinna-stacks:

Then we had to drive to Sedona in the dark down this long windy road.  It turns out that wasn't the road normal people would have gone on, and a couple of locals told us they'd be scared of doing it in a car in the dark never mind an RV, or even in daylight...  Oh well!

The next morning we got up and went shopping, 'cos really that's all they came for.  See, red rocks above the town:

After the girls had shopped and shopped until I was ready to drop, they announced that we were meeting friends for lunch.  We met up with Joanne from Desert Mountain Bear (who brought us a missing package that had meant to come to SS, but didn't get to Phoenix in time for Danny to bring it) and Janice from Booh Bears.  Joanne didn't have any of her award winning bears ready to bring and show us, so she brought us one of her little fairy friends, Fern.  She was nice and playful, but I think Janice's bunny Meeko was trying to box my ears... (it would probably have served you right - LT)

Here I am with Joanne, LT and Janice after lunch:

Joanne took us to quite the treasure trove after lunch and we had fun hunting for some crystals too, but then they had to go home for dinner :o(  We had fun making some new friends around town too...

I got to make some noise too.  There were others playing on the other ones but they weren't as tuneful as me...

Phew, that was quite a long day but we had quite a big night too, and I'll tell you about that another time...


Ann said...

There's no getting away from those rocks, is there? But, hey, you got to meet some interesting, if sometimes scary, animals. Don't go od'ing on those pancakes - there is weight limit on the journey home, you know. Can't wait to find out what happens next, though maybe as LT's Mum , it might be better not to find out.
Take care and enjoy your last couple of days in the US.
Hugs to all

Alan said...

Way to go Jack. I really like your friends, especially the bear, but I don't know about blue or bright pink pigs!? Can't imagine being near them with a hangover.

I hope you had a good munch on the cinnamon bun. Looks like it had lots of goo to get your paws in. It would certainly rehydrate things after all the red dust.

I know you're fed up with the rocks, but they're still in beautiful scenery.

Looking forward to the next episode - watch out for those dinosaurs.



The Bear's Blog said...

"Jack's Debit Express"? Have you opened a business out west?

Prudence ♥

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Jack,

You have lots of stamina! I am in awe of all you have seen so far. You have had quite a range of experiences so far and lucky that you were able to visit with such lovely and talented ladies! Of course, it goes without saying the ones you are traveling with are also lovely and talented!

Have more fun!

maddyrose said...

Hey Jack, about that stack of pan cakes.....Do ya' think they have them at all of the Ihops?

Bellamine & Wendy

Isisjem said...

Your face looking at that plate of food is a picture Jack. I'm so glad the next shot wasn't of you diving face first into it. :-)