Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Road Trip - Las Vegas Part 2

Well, this was a turn up for the books, a day in Vegas and no photos!  Well, that's not strictly true, we did do breakfast at IHOP, that we walked to from the RV park.  It turned out that 1/2 of Vegas was also trying to eat there, but we got there just in time!  The service was REALLY bad, 'cos they kept forgetting us, but the carrot cake pancakes were yummy, so that kind of made up for it a bit...

Laura really wanted to go shopping til they dropped, while LT wanted a pair of GAP jeans, so we took advantage of the huge outlet mall just behind the IHOP and bought about half the centre.  LT didn't get her jeans in GAP, but she did find some elsewhere, so she was happy with them and a skirt, and she also got a hair curler thingummy jig, but Laura was trying to make up for any shortfall in the US economy, so she got loads and loads and loads of clothes.  Oh, and a new suitcase to hold it all!

On our second, and last full day, we spent the morning at the resort pool before heading into town:

And then the most terrible, awful thing happened!  That donkey!  She forced me into... a WEDDING!  The resort had wedding facilities, she'd been organising it all while we were shopping *shudder*

It quite upset my sensibilities and the staff just took photographs!  I TOLD you all she was up to something, but did you believe me?  Noooooooo.  And it was clear that we had totally different priorities:

Thankfully the staff came to their senses and a quicky divorce was pushed right through!  Never again am I going on holiday with a donkey!

After all the drama, I climbed right on into LT's camera bag to hitch a lift into town with them for the afternoon so that donkey couldn't do anything else!

We booked tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere at Treasure Island to start with before we went exploring.  Laura felt she needed a little sustenance to keep her going, so she went into Ben & Jerry's.  LT held out til Cinnabon about 3 stops later ;o)

Our first proper stop was The Venetian, and boy was that a funny hotel!  Here's a gondolier outside taking some people for a ride:

We skipped that opportunity and went inside.  Someone must have spent a long time with their paint box doing this!

But just to prove were weren't in a real Italian mansion, here's the wider view with the big sweet shop in it.  We noticed that all the hotels had plenty of sweet shops and bars to keep you going through the night :oD

Round the next corner we found a fake street, complete with fake sky:

And then further along a fake canal:

And some impressive marble hallways to the reception desk.

Once we'd got our heads round the peculiarities of the Venetian, the next stop was The Bellagio.  We tried to get a drink at the Mirage first, but this guy was the only one that seemed to notice we were there, and he didn't have the opposable thumbs to be able to serve us...

So on we trudged, past Caesar's Palace which was hugemongous!  This is near the entrance to the Forum Shops, but that was only a wee part of it:

This was the main entrance:

We met this guy inside, can you see me?

These girls were just down the hall:

There was altogether too much marble, so we got out of there to head on to The Bellagio to see the big fountains, passing Paris on the way:

Waiting for the fountains to start:

Here's the fountains going off.  LT took lots of photos, but I'm not going to bore you with them all like she bored me...  Our friend Cathy's husband worked on making this happen, isn't he clever?

It was fun to watch, but then we had a long walk back to Treasure Island for dinner, and the staff had sore feet.  Oh well, that's nothing to what these girls must have been feeling after the first of the nightly pirate battles at TI!

This is one of their big scary motorbikes inside, wouldn't want to meet one of them on a dark night!

We were absolutely starving by this point, so it was time to hit the buffet for dinner and drinks.  Well, maybe more drinks than dinner:

Do you see what the dessert bar has?

So I persuaded LT to get one:

What a mess!  Honestly, you can't take her anywhere!

Once I'd disentangled her from all that it was time for the show, but we couldn't take any pictures in there :o(  All I can say is it was very funny and yet spell binding at the same time, and you needed your eyes everywhere to see what was going on!  If you're ever in Vegas you have to go and see a Cirque Do Soleil show.  Oh, and go to the TI buffet for candy floss too ;o)


Isisjem said...

I hope LT didn't get candy floss in her hair (I would have done) and glad the quickie divorce came through. As a bear about town (or Vegas) like yourself is too young to be tied down by a donkey. Hope she's not too broken hearted though.

The Bear's Blog said...

Holy Mohair.....Jack, you got MARRIED? What on earth happened. Oh my disc joints - married? Did that donkey drug you? Are you okay?

Prudence ♥

I can see you have your paws full with LT. Good Grief!

Susan Standen said...

I am left with the overwhelming feeling of insanity that is Vegas. Glad you got out in one piece!

Sarah said...

woah Jack, close call there. Interspecies wotsit not good... Dont know what LT was doing giving that the go-ahead! Sooo glad you didnt get lost in Vegas, such a little bear in such a mahooosive place. Nevermind the candy floss, I'm still drooling at the IHOP hash browns and eggs and pancakes!!! Sooooo good.

maddyrose said...

WOW!!! Now that's what we call a well documented post. Photos and photos and more photos. So much to see! We all shuddered when we came to the wedding part. How could LT let that happen?? We have nothing against donkeys on the whole but to marry one?? We don't think that's such a good idea especially for a bloke like yourself. You've got to be free. Right? With all of the food photos we're starting to feel a wee bit peckish to we're heading down to the kitchen. Thanks for coming through for us with all of the photos.
Bellamine & Wendy

Kays Kids said...

What happened Jack, did some one put something in your drink....MARRIED to a DONKEY.. unbelievable. I'm glad the staff annulled it. May be it was all a bad dream. Sounds like those girls were on some ride, with all the wonderful places they went to. We love hearing about it.
hugs Wilbur

Lynette Killam said...

it's obviously time I visited Vegas again to see a show and get all that good grub! I will try to avoid getting in a mess like your travel companion...:)