Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Road Trip - The Grand Canyon

Oh boy, where to start?  Well, it's like this, it's a big hole in the ground (that's it? - LT)  Yup, that's it.  See?

Big hole in the ground (well, yes, but...- LT)  Big hole in the ground!

We also saw a few things that weren't red rock:

We saw it from lots of angles though - left a bit, right a bit, few miles up the road a bit, you know how it goes.  Oh, yes, and we flew over it.  Although you wouldn't know that I had because someone was too buys taking photos of things OUTSIDE the plane (it was 6 am, I thought you were still asleep - LT)  Huh.

And then we went to Antelope Canyon, although again, you wouldn't know I was here, in fact she thought she'd lost me when she came out!  That'll learn her, I was just hiding in an unexpected pocket.

Our guide at the canyon was the best guide for photos as he was just pushing LT and Laura around into the right places for the best shots.  I liked the pushing around bit...

After that he dropped us off at the rafting centre so we could warm up from whizzing along in the back of an open sided jeep, so we indulged in some hot chocolate.

Our next stop was at the bottom of the dam at the end of Lake Powell where we got to go under tunnels and come out right at the dam.  We had to go through security before we got on the bus at the raft centre, just like at an airport, and I got all rummaged around by the security guy because I was in the top of LT's rucksack - the indignity of it all!

We went 16 miles down the river to Lees Ferry, stopping for lunch on a beach on the way, which was nice and relaxing after the very early start.

And then we were driven all the way back past the Grand Canyon Village in a nice comfy coach, stopping at the Cameron Trading Post again, but Laura didn't have time for fry bread this time.

We were dropped off in Tusayan at the airport, so we decided to grab dinner there at one of the restaurants recommended by our bus driver.  It was quite an entertaining place to eat, although the food wasn't exactly gourmet, but you don't often get dinner theatre in a town that size *ahem*


ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Jack,

I heard about that hole - it's a big one isn't it? I am so glad that you didn't fall down in it. That would have been one donkey ride LT might pass on.

Sounds like you had a good time - most of the time. A few little bumps now and then is okay.

Welcome Home,

Isisjem said...

Great photos you got LT to take Jack although sorry to hear you got a bit neglected at times and were 'rummaged' by security.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

How many times do you have to repeat your bearself before LT "gets it"?


Sarah said...

Wonderful photos! Sounds like so much fun too, especially the plane ride!

Alan said...

HI Jack,
THat all looked most 'citing, but I agree it's a big hole in the ground. It's amazing what impresses them isn't it. Probably dug by a grizzly looking for hunny.

Lovely pixtures of the river and the canyon too. I'm orf to Portugal in the morning, so I'll have some things to report next week.



Kays Kids said...

Aw.. we love the photos of the big hole. It looks massive. I am glad you didn't fall of the edge Jack. What are those security people doing roughing up a bear. Don't they know they are stuffed with love.