Monday, 12 November 2012

The Road Trip - Las Vegas Part 1

For the last morning at the Grand Canyon, LT got up silly early for some sunrise photos while the birthday girl lounged in bed.  The only requirement was that LT brought cinnamon buns back for breakfast, but she brought a few other friends back too:

We didn't share breakfast...

Anywho, our big plan for the day was to head to Vegas so we set off bright and early and drove and drove and drove and... well eventually we got to the Hoover Dam.  Turns out that they've built a bypass of it now, so you go over a bridge instead of over the dam, but we had to go off and see it:

Arizona time:

Nevada time:

Random bloke climbing a wall...

Looking over the damn to the new bypass bridge:

Just to prove I was there:

Then we drove to Quiltique in Henderson, just outside Vegas, which Laura had been psyching herself up for for the whole trip.  Let's just say they both went wild, but Laura was over $100 wilder than LT ;o)  Here's a small fraction of Laura's haul:

Laura reckons LT bought more fabric before that, but LT reckons it was about the same with a half yard here and there, plus she didn't do the shop hop for SS.  I couldn't possibly comment, except to say I was glad I didn't have to fold and sort it all when I got home!

After that it was off to Vegas baby!

For the first night, LT didn't take her big camera in, so this is just where we did dinner.  We went to Margaritaville at the Flamingo, which has kind of a tropical island theme to it.  Oh, and margaritas...  We were sitting at a table right next to this:

It only gave a wee whirl of bubbles every now and again, so we thought that was it, until this dropped in:

She made quite the splash, so it's a good job we'd moved our dinner to the other side of the table!  There were also mad dancing people on stilts - a pirate, a captain and a lifeguard, all of whom spent much of the evening making balloon hats, except when she danced in the margarita, when they did this:

I was all set after that:

All ready for the fun to begin, but they were kind of tired because it had been a long day.  They had a wander round Paris:

Where I met a new friend:

And they also saw the fountains at the Bellagio but they didn't take a single photo!  I don't know, the staff said that we weren't in a good position, but now you'll not believe I was even there - hmph!


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

If you say that you were there thenwe believe you but it would have been nice to have a picture to share with us. Do you think LT is getting a little "on in years"?

Really like your new friend, maybe he could adopt you and you could live in the USA.

That crazy lookin' man - was he holding you? YIKES!

Prudence ♥

Susan Standen said...

Um is it just me or does that Eiffel Tower look a bit rude?!

Isisjem said...

No it's not just you Susan I think it looks rude too. Jack you look kind of freaked by the fabric stack but not by the woman-in-the-drink-scenario...

Sarah said...

Hmmm love the fabric, the rest looks braw scary... lol

maddyrose said...

I'm still miffed you didn't get more pictures! Humph!!

Kays Kids said...

Hi Jack, you look so little in that BIG chair. I do hope that gorilla was friendly to you. What would those girls do with out you to look after them. I believe you were where ever you said you were. Us bears don't tell fibs. Well only little ones.

Laura said...

Oh is it just me or does that eiffel tower look seriously dodgy in that photo? I am sure that Danny knows the truth of who bought more fabric overall :p