Sunday, 16 October 2011

Skye - Day 6

It was a quiet day today.  We started off at the 'market' in Portree, which consisted of 2 stalls this week, as it was the school holidays, so the fish lady and the sushi lady were off with their kids.  We did get to see the local produce stall and got a 2 1/2 ft leek (no, he's not joking! - LT) and a HUGE cauliflower.  We also got a lunch roll from the Isle of Skye Baking Company, which had spinach and goat's cheese baked inside, and was very yummy.

Our next stop was the Quiraing, at the northern tip of the island.  As you can see, it wasn't exactly a wonderful day weather-wise up there, although at least it wasn't raining.

I decided to skip posing for this one, as it was a sheer drop from that heather down the cliff!

This is at 90 degrees to the shot above.  There are some little blobs on the left that are people walking over the scree slope.  Among the stupider outfits we saw on people scrambling about there was a girl in previously turquoise Converse (it was more than a little muddy - LT) and skin tight jeans...

We stopped briefly to look at the Old Man Of Storr on the way back, but he had a lot of cloud cover, so we decided to skip the hike up there, and went back for a relaxing afternoon in the cottage.

Ian and Robbie, who were staying in one of the other cottages, went out to get dinner for us from the shore line just outside the cottages that afternoon.  Fresh mussels all round, with lots of white wine - yummy!


maddyrose said...

These are amazing pics. I'd love to use that first photo for a paintng. The colors are beautiful. Sounds like you're getting plenty of good eats too. Have fun!

Kays Kids said...

Jack, I'm looking at those mussels, they are very close to your nose. Do they stink?