Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Skye - Day 3

Hooray, it was a drier day today, so we went further afield!  Again, you can follow our adventures around, if you go to Google maps, and search for Isle Of Skye.

We started at Neist Point today, in the North West corner of the island, and trudged all the way down to the lighthouse - that would be at the end of the rock down there, trust me...  Also, please note she's back to the cliff edge thing again! (we're only half way down at this point, and you were whole feet away from the edge! - LT)

We went all the way down to the lighthouse and then scrambled down to some of the rocks to the south of it.  Here I am with it in the background:

And then LT tried to be arty farty with depth of field:

Next we climbed round to the rocks to the west of it, where you can see the cliffs in the background (including the one we walked down - LT)  There are lots of little piles of rock dotted around, here I am with a wee man shaped one: 

A more conventional shot with the lighthouse and cliff:

And then LT found this funny shaped rock, and decided to pose me at the same angle... (uh, no, I think you'll find you did that all by yourself! - LT)

Right next to it was a very battered old lobster pot, so of course I had to pose with it:

Another arty farty one, apparently because the colour matches my fur:

Proof from just above the lighthouse that the fairies are here too:

After this we headed to Dunvegan for lunch at Jann's Bakery.  Wow.  We had the BEST soup EVER from a restaurant here, even though the 7 of us took up every available seat and space in their shop.  It was proper bacon and lentil soup with loads of bacon and loads of lentils.  I would show you a photo, but LT was too busy hoovering it up to think about it.  We got something else too, but I'll show you that later.

Our next stop was a ruined church on the way down to Elgol.  This is really the most undignified position to have been stuck in, no matter how amazing this tree was:

Alas, at the church the light left us, never to return.  When we got to Elgol, LT and I took one look outside at the cloud covered Cuillins that we were meant to be seeing sunset over, and made an executive decision not to get out of the car.  We let everyone else get cold and wet while we took a nap.  This is what it looked like when we woke up.  There's a whole mountain range there, honest!

It cleared a little:

Rained some more and cleared a little more:

And eventually we left the car to get this shot, and it started to rain again, so that was the end of that!  I certainly wasn't about to set sail in the wind out there either.

Back at the cottage that night, we surveyed the extras for the day.  Firstly the purchases at Dunvegan.  LT burnt her thumb on the oven getting the rice out, and it had blistered.  She then managed to scrape the blister down at the lighthouse, so we had to hunt down antiseptic and plasters before her thumb fell off...

And then the extra from the bakery.  The others had all ordered lunch and a cake, but LT wasn't exactly paying attention to the size of the pieces.  Please note that this carrot cake is about 3 times the size of me, still, I'll happily make a valiant effort to get through it.  Thankfully they gave us a 'doggy bag' to take it away in, and LT had it for breakfast in the morning.

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maddyrose said...

Hi Jack,

You are having your holiday in the most amazing place. The pictures are wonderful. We asked our mom if we could go on holiday there and she said it's too far away so we're glad you're sharing so many pictures. That is one big piece of carrot cake! It's like a monster sized piece. Keep having fun and keep on showing us these super pictures.


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