Sunday, 16 October 2011

Skye - Day 5

Apologies for the further delay, first the staff were tired, then they went out for dinner, twice, and THEN they were tired again!  I'm totally advertising for a new secretary for the next trip...

We started the day with a walk round to the headland opposite the cottages to get a good view back across the sea loch.  If you see the row of 3 cottages together just to the right of centre, we were in the left hand one:

After that we went back to the cottage and caught up with H, who had been out for a run, and decided that after lunch we should head over to the mainland to Plockton.  This is a village that was formed by the Clearances of the local laird's land.  He built the village to be a fishing village, and the cottages had runrigs, or small strips of crofting land, behind them.  There were a few famous people passed through, including Thomas Telford, who built the parish church, however what we really want to know was what happened in 1843 when the villagers refused to use the parish church and built themselves an outdoor one instead!  It was briefly mentioned on the tourist information board, but we thought it was quite funny.

This is looking across the bay to some of the cottages, taken whilst LT and I were perched on a small island in the bay that we got to while the tide was out:

This is looking the other way past all the moored boats towards Duncraig Castle:

This is the Plockton Inn, can you see me perched on top of the menu?  What do you mean no?!

After Plockton we headed round to what I've decided is going to be the new family seat.  If Sebastian can have a crown, then I can have a castle!  (You might otherwise know this as Eilean Donan Castle - LT)

How do you like the family crest?  This is the right side:

And this is the left side.  I think I'm more scared of the dog than the lion...:

Alas, we didn't get much of a sunset, but it looks pretty all lit up, doesn't it?


maddyrose said...

These are amazing photos. I can't believe how beautiful everything looks. The water in the one shot is so blue it appears to be unreal. Thanks for sharing.

Kays Kids said...

Jack you look mighty good in that photo with all the reflections in.
Can I come to visit that huge castle.
Hugs Wilbur?

ginger@bearbits said...

Lovely photos. I think you could get together with Sebastian and share the crown, the castle, the responsibilities and the FOOD!