Sunday, 10 June 2012

London Baby

So last week was the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London (and you can read all about that nonsense on LT's blog) and LT decided to drag my furry little behind down there to meet my adoring fans.  There was a huge party in London all weekend long just for me!  LT says it was for the Queen, but really, I know it was in my honour.

First I met Sarah, and her big blue beast, that tried to eat me alive!

So we had a little chat about bear eating quilts...

Look though, a plague of locusts has passed through, not a thing left for lunch!

Still, the lovely Cindy comforted me - she knows how to treat a bear well:

And then I met Jenna

And then I got told off for my choice of dinner location!  Really, Susan didn't seem to mind...

I only got out for one day as really, it was all a little much for a wee bear, all those noisy women and bear-eating quilts!  Next year I might explore a bit more, but perhaps I'd better not hitch a ride with Susan as I'll get told off again...


Alan said...

Hiya Jack,

It's good to see you back. Good heaven's what a day you had. You sure had a close shave with the blue beast, and it's not fair when you don't get any lunch.

What were you doing with Susan? Was it fun and should I try that?


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

Oh, you poor bear, those bear eating quilts sound nasty. And then those locusts had to do a fly-by, good grief.

Bear eating quilts, locusts, a bunch of noisy women...hmm, maybe next year you should go visit your cousin Jock instead of "braving" another trip with LT.

Prudence ♥

Sarah said...

Promise the blue beast wont eat you if you come visit next year.... xxx

Kays Kids said...

Hi Jack, I can tell, you being swallowed by that blue quilt would be far better than my freezing butt, this week. You know where to sit for dinner don't you. Sometimes LT must wonder why she takes you out. I think you had the best time getting all those hugs from the girls. Sorta worth it, even though there wasn't much food.
I hope you had the best time.
Hugs Wilbur.