Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Connemara Day 3

So we got to the last full day and the sun shone aaaaaallll day!  And what do you do when the sun shines all day?  You go to the seaside of course.  Naturally we couldn't go to the seaside less than a mile down the road, oh no, we had to drive for MILES to get to the seaside...

On the way we saw this sign.  This is never a good sign, especially when LT pops me on top to take a photo, because it usually means she's about to totally ignore what it says... (Hey, they built a stile to get in there, they want you in there really - LT)

So here we are, a short trudge and squelch later...

Then we drove on a bit, still looking for the perfect seaside.  We stopped here just 'cos it was pretty.  Of course we also had to climb over barbed wire to get here...

Finally we got to the seaside.  I'm not really sure about this sign, but I'm pretty sure we were safe to ignore it...  (For the hard of reading, it says 'No swimming between this sign and the next warning sign' - LT)

Man, trekking over these sand dunes is hard work!

Errrr, are these things going to bite?!  (Don't be silly - LT)

Look though, we got our own beach all to ourselves:

Walking back, LT managed to find the sinking sand.  I am NOT a measuring stick though!

We drove up to Louisborough to grab some lunch, and decided it was far too nice to eat inside, so we tried to head back to a road with a scenic route on it that we'd seen on the way up, but approaching from the other end.  Alas, the map wasn't detailed enough, so Katy-Nav dictated random left and right turns, and we found this nice wee bridge to eat lunch on:

We didn't find the road we were looking for, but thankfully we did find the main road again heading in the right direction, about 10 miles too early.  Who knew Mayo County Council was so stingy when it came to road signs?  There wasn't a single one off the main roads!

We spotted this wee jetty on the way back, so had to stop for a pic:

And then we went back to Kylemore Abbey for an afternoon shot.

Phew, back to the cottage again for the afternoon and dinner.  Sitting on the picnic table:

The view from the edge of the deck:

The cottage from the deck:

Do you think she's getting the message that I need to put my paws up for a bit?!

After a rest, it was time to head out again for sunset, taking a quick stop for a photo at the viking ship randomly sitting in the village next to the pub:

Waiting for the sunset that wasn't...

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Connemara, next stop will be London for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in June...


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Jack,

Well, it looks to me like LT had you "pose" in a few scary places. Slipping off that rock would have ended you up soaking wet.

But it look like you finally did get to enjoy a sunset.

Hugs ♥

Sarah said...

Really gorgeous photos! Oooh I wonder if I'll get to meet you in June?

Alan said...

Looks like you had fun that day Jack - wot no Guinness?
Whoopee Jock and I are going to India to-morrow!

Kays Kids said...

Granny says lovely photos. I say: Jack you are lucky to go to so many places, I was a wee bit worried you might get tangled up in the fishing nets. (What is going on Jack. No Pubs.)
Eat lots of Eggs for Easter.
Hugs Wilbur

Lynette Killam said...

I loved the tour of Connemara, Jack! You and LT do get around, and I notice you're very fond of the pubs...hmmm. Off to see the rest of the photos....:)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

You are such a well traveled bear.
It looks like you sat in some scary places. We think our mama would have read that sign and not went any further. She's not too brave, you know,

Great pictures!

Hugs from
Honeypot Lane

Laura said...

Cool!!! love the pics

Lynette Killam said...

Oohh...lovely fun, Jack! Best thing in the world to have a beach all to oneself, isn't it?

And I notice LT is no better at obeying danger signs than I am. I know how hard it must be to keep her in line...:)